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Bill Phillips

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Look for the best in every coach


     I am the kind of a person who would like to see all of the best in the product that I buy. When I recently bought a TV/VCR combo, do you think that I was satisfied even though the price was extremely good for a new unit with a warrantee and excellent for coach installation (approx. $250.00 for 19"/remote)? Of course not I immediately looked for the connection capability on the back to dub from one recorder to the other. I bought it because I liked all of the other features. I am willing to get the product that I want, knowing that there are some things that I can’t change.

     The Eagle on the other hand seems to have the scale tipped in my favor as to the things that I like about it. Truly their is no superior ride, on the other hand should a torsion bar brake, A short length of approx. 4" pipe can be put between the axle and the body so that it can be driven to a repair facility. Yes I know you can crimp off a line if you blow out an air bag on another coach, but unless the mounting perch has rotted away I personally have never seen an eagle limping off of an expressway. In fact I have only seen 1 Eagle in seven years of constant highway driving along the side of the road having the appearance of breakdown, however it was not sagging, therefore I assume that is not a torselastic suspension problem.

     My simple advice would be try out as many as you can, you’ll know when you have the one that you like best!

Bill Phillips NY