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Bill Phillips

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The Conversion Process
Where do I start?

     There are so many facets to the conversion process that it is impossible, in my opinion, to pick only one source as the last word! Adding to that are the unique requirements/preferences of the conversions’ owner. Also having no knowledge of your facilities, ability, and or preference to have none, some, or all of the conversion done for you, I would like to offer a few web sites which will help your research the afore mentioned aspects that you will encounter! I would be pleased to offer my opinions at any time, bearing in mind that my opinions may or may not agree with reasons why other people convert bus’s and are only my opinions.

     My belief in doing anything new, is that the more research, reading, looking, and talking about the new venture that I can do will help me to visualize just what I’m getting involved with. For this reason I would like to give you a few web sites to check out and suggest that you get involved with World Of Bus Nuts on line and participate in the chat rooms and bulletin boards. Start one or more loose leaf binders in order to keep track of the material gathered. This will allow for changing your mind, or having other options on various thinking, and you will, and reorganizing your information to suit your purpose! I would start by sending an e-mail to Zane Good and ask to be included in WOBN. zbusman@ns.sprintout.com and Tom Hall thallusa1st@gmail.com, Tom’s page in my opinion is one if not the most complete sources for bus and conversion links and information. Welcome aboard, and I hope that my ramblin has been of some help and did not add confusion!

Yours in Bussing:
Bill Phillips NY